Case Studies

Here are just a few of the many case studies and testimonials we’ve received recently for our Local Business Money Machine product:

How Ed Went From Homeless To Making $21,339 a Month, Lost It All Due To Illness, And Is Now Making Over $60,579 A Month

How Hung Le Got His First 15 Clients In 79 Days

Part 1: “How Clarence Fisher, In 31 Days, Went From $0 To $12,137 In Monthly Recurring Cash”

Part 2: “How Clarence Fisher, In 31 Days, Went From $0 To $12,137 In Monthly Recurring Cash”

“How James Martin Was Able To Retire From His Stressful Job In 90 Days And Create a $30,000/month Income With LBMM (While Outsourcing Most of the Work)”

“My First Client Paid $4,000 Up Front… Plus $1,200 A Month Every Month!”

I emailed 2 business owners I know and wrote up a proposal and sent it to both of them. They both said yes!

And while this is exciting enough all by itself, it gets better. Check out the results:

I’m getting paid $4,000 up front…

Plus, I get $1,200 a month, every month.

I’m also going to be speaking at their 1 day seminar next month where they will endorse me as their “recommended” Internet marketing consultant/expert. And I will be able to make an offer to the attendees for my services.

How cool is this? Just by taking action and talking to these guys, this situation now has the potential to generate me dozens of new clients and thousands of dollars in monthly income.

What a great way to start doing Local Online Marketing for businesses.

“2 Out of 3 Said Yes”

The Local Business Money Machine is very, very good.

I’ve picked up 2 customers and talking to a third seriously. And I’ve only approached 3 business so far… so very excited by the possibilities.

The first company spends over $6m per year on marketing! We blew them away.

The second offered a nice percentage of profit opportunity to rebuild and optimize a consumer sports product site – it’s doing 6 figures right now. The site is confusing, poor conversion and no SEO. We can easily multiply 4x to 10x the sales.

And I just did an off the cuff presentation at the local business group you told us about and were swarmed afterwards.

We don’t even have business cards yet! It’s been a whirlwind!

– Mark B.

“I Get A Percentage For Each Client They Generate Online!”

I recently approached 2 different. I closed both deals. The first is the largest company in their industry but did not even rank in the top 3-5 for most of their keywords.

We agreed to a percentage of the business that comes through the internet for them and will track by the phone service the Local Business Money Machine recommended.

The second is an exteriors company. I will be getting a percentage of each client that their sales people close from their website. The great thing with this, so many people are looking for their services in the local area.

– Steve J

“She Wrote Me A Check For $1,000!”

Yesterday I had a meeting with my first client. At the end of our meeting, she wrote me a check for $1000!

What’s really amusing is that I just opened a new business bank account on Friday. I haven?t even had time to build my own site. I have a second client to meet with soon and a list of prospects as long as my arm!

“I Got My First 10 Clients Just By Going To Meetings!”

I got my first 10 clients just by going to meetings as suggested. I partnered with a local business group as suggested by Kevin and Jeff in the module “Where to find Potential Clients”. It definitely worked…

I just got back from the monthly chapter meeting tonight (after speaking there last month) and I picked up four potential new clients, one ready to move forward immediately, and with the potential to be a 5k+ a month client.

– Michael R.

“I’m Brand New And Already Making $1,500 A Month”

Previous to the Local Business Money Machine I was dabbling online but had never really done anything or made any money. Within the first 2 weeks of getting started, following exactly what Kevin and Jeff show you to do in the training, I’m already making $1,500 a month.

In the next couple months I’m expecting my new business will allow me to quit my job. This REALLY works, and FAST!

– Tony J.

“Never Made Any Money Online…

To Making $3,100 My First Month…

Now Doing This Full Time”

I’ve been attempting to make money online since the early 2000’s
when I was in the Marine Corps. I’ve made a little here and there, but it’s never been enough to ever really cover my costs and overhead.

In fact, I’ve invested well over $50,000.00 in different programs and courses over the last couple years. I could just never seem to find my grove!

When you said there was a HUGE opportunity to market offline business online. It made so much sense, so I took a leap of faith.I literally gathered up my last nickels and dimes to pay for this course. “I MEAN THE LAST SET OF NICKELS AND DIMES I HAD.” I figured I had nothing to lose.

I immediately started taking the online classes and applying everything you teach. At first it seemed to easy, and I remember telling myself, “There’s no way this is this easy.” but I soon realized… IT

My first week I started generating money applying exactly what you taught. I now work from home on my cell phone, and computer, in which, many times outside enjoying the Colorado sky.

My first month I generated a little over $3000.00. I now generate that easily every month.

HERE’S THE KICKIN PART… I make a full-time income just from the income coming in from 4 clients that pay me every month to do their marketing online.

I have a transmission company, attorney, car dealership, and off-road company all on a monthly marketing program with me.

And it’s not even like I am a pro at what I’m doing.

Any way Kevin, I could go all day about how excited I am about this program you created and the opportunity it has given me!

– Brian Z.

Note: Results not typical. Many customers do not take any action so don’t get results like this. Your results will vary based on your level of commitment and taking action on what you learn.