The People Behind Nitro Marketing…

Nitro Marketing, founded in 2001 by Kevin Wilke, is a company that pioneers effective direct marketing on the internet with its unique, innovative and effective approach to marketing and business.

Kevin Wilke:

Kevin’s online background began while in college in 1996. He saw the potential of this “fad” called the Internet and started his first online business… and failed not once but 3 times.

After a series of small successes he finally put all the pieces together and went from $0 to $102,315 in six weeks in 2001. And he hasn’t looked back since!

He now has more than 70 profitable websites making up to $500,000 in a month and has clients paying him as much as $250,000 a year for his knowledge and expertise.

His success enabled him to help others avoid the pitfalls and years of trial and error failure he went through. His training catapults other’s Internet businesses off the charts to phenomenal success.

His company, Nitro Marketing, is considered one of the leading online success training companies in the world today.

Linda Lowrey, an integral part of the Nitro Marketing phenoma since February 2003, works across the board as a dedicated team player. Linda assists with fulfillment, vendor management, administrative reports, customer service and a variety of other responsibilities.

Linda lives in the heartland of the USA with her husband, Don. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. Linda delights in her grandchildren, the incomparable music of the 60’s and watching great movies.

Meredith Landino is a dynamic problem solver who has found her home as Nitro Marketing’s Chief Customer Officer and running Affiliate Operations . Since 2004 Meredith has been helping clients of Nitro Marketing with any questions or stumbling blocks they may encounter on their way to becoming a smashing success. Meredith has been working with client relationships and retention for over a decade and truly enjoys helping people.

Meredith, a former teacher, finds it helps to be understanding and realize that each individual has different needs. As a busy wife, mother of 2 middle school aged students, an entrepreneur, and full time IC, she is no stranger to the same multitasking and daily life requirements that Nitro’s clients experience. She truly “walks the walk” and “talks the talk” so to speak.

If you have a problem or a question drop by and one of our support specialists will be happy to get you headed on the right path.